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Pay what you see. No hidden fees. Deliveries are always free. *


Lunch or Dinner
Restaurant meals delivered to you

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WE PLAN menus
you choose the meal

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WE GET FOOD prepared
you work up that appetite

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you simply enjoy food

Pay what you see. No hidden fees.
Shipping is always free.*


Why they love our indiMEALS


Our meals start at $10.99.
Pay what you see. No hidden fees.*


Solve the 'what-to-order' dilemma.
Choose from our lunch and dinner meals.


Deliveries are always free.
Wait for that knock on your door.


"For a single Indian guy, living in the US, this has been a life savior. I do not have to cook anymore after a hard day of work, all I need to do is 'indicook' the food and you have delicious food delivered to you at your doorstep for really affordable prices. Keep up the good work Indicooks team."

- Sahil Sharma

"Amazing food at a really cheap price. I would order again from Indicooks and would recommend it to all."

-Tirthank Shah

"Awesome Food and Service! Five Fat Stars all around There are days when I am in no mood to cook after a long day at office and neither in having yet another frozen meal. I like indicooks concept especially because i can get a whole variety of things , a complete meal, at an affordable price!"

-Nitya Patel

"Initially I was skeptical if the service would be beneficial to me but I could realize that when I had a get to gather at my place and for over 20 friends, all I had to do was to contact Indicooks. Not just they delivered it on time , but also the food quality and quantity was satisfying! Really a great initiative!"

- Vatsl Choksi

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*Sales Tax is added to the order total. It is not a fee. Sales Tax is charged by the state to indicooks and not something we keep for ourselves.
**A Delivery Fee will be added to your order IF your order includes Direct Restaurant ordering- This helps us cover operational costs. To avoid this charge, please place an indiMEAL order before the cut off time.