About Us

indicooks.com provides Indian Food, delivered. Seamlessly place an order from restaurants near you and we take care of the rest. Thats not all! Plan ahead of time and get your indiMeals for an ever better rate. Our goal is to take care of all your Indian food needs with the least time spent in ordering. We, at indicooks.com, believe that work should only be put into eating the food and not in ordering it. Order your food today and let us refuel your awesomeness. Indicooks is now daring to solve other problems related with Indian food as well. Stay tuned for updates. 

About the CEO

Our CEO, Aniket Dalal, first moved to the US in 2013 to do his Masters. Being a foodie himself and an Indian food enthusiast, he was in search of finding quality Indian food. Realizing quickly that quality Indian food and affordable Indian food do not go hand in hand, Aniket was out of options and started compromising by eating other cuisines. He was later working in Michigan when he realized that the problem still persisted. Still an Indian food lover at heart, Aniket felt an urge to solve this problem and indicooks.com was created. Aniket aims to bring quality Indian food at an affordable rate to every Indian food lover throughout the US.